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Since the very beginning of the health crisis, the IMSEE has been working to evaluate the consequences of Covid-19 and the measures taken to contain it on various key issues in the Principality.

Thus, a first report covers the period of last spring. It presents in particular the consequences of the containment and decontainment around 7 main themes: health and mortality data, economy, employment, transport, environment, early childhood and education, and security.

Following this initial assessment, the collection and analysis work continued, and made it possible to monitor key indicators in the following areas: health monitoring, profile of sick people, birth rate, mortality, economy, employment, CTTR.

Finally, and as long as the monitoring of the situation is necessary, IMSEE now publishes a monthly Observatory of the impacts of Covid-19, presenting the most recent health indicators and an assessment of demographic data (birth rate and mortality). This Observatory is enriched each quarter with economic and social data. In addition, IMSEE also publishes bi-monthly updates on immunization data.

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