Gouvernement Princier de Monaco
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The Economy

Couverture Observatoire Commerce extérieur

Foreign Trade Observatory

Issue 16 15 April 2021

The objective of the Foreign Trade Observatory is to analyse trade in goods b...

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Couverture BTE

Economy Bulletin

Issue 50 21 September 2020

The Economy Bulletin offers key figures of Monegasque economic acti...

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Couverture Baromètre Commerce de détail

Barometer – Retail trade

Issue 72 14 September 2020

The aim of this barometer is to supply early information on changes in the re...

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Couverture Monaco en Chiffres 2021

Monaco en Chiffres 2021

Issue 10 06 July 2020

Monaco Statistics provides free and open access to the chapters of "...

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Couverture Observatoire Démographie

Demography Observatory

Issue 8 30 April 2020

The aim of the Demography Observatory is to present the main demographic indi...

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Couverture Focus


Issue 115 26 March 2020

"Focus", the periodical published by Monaco Statistics is a source...

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Couverture Observatoire Commerce de détail

Retail Trade Observatory

Issue 15 21 August 2019

The objective of this observatory is to present a summary of the figures of t...

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Couverture Observatoire Industrie

Industry Observatory

Issue 13 03 July 2019

The objective of this observatory is to present a summary of the figures of t...

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Couverture Monaco en Chiffres 2020

Archives of "monaco en chiffres"

Issue 23 27 June 2019

Monaco Statistics publishes several reports, including "monaco en chiffr...

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Couverture Observatoire Immobilier

Real-Estate Observatory

Issue 14 14 February 2019

The objective of this Observatory is to present one of the sectors of the Mon...

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Logo Recensement

Population census

Issue 3 14 February 2018

The census of the population, carried out on average once every 10 years, all...

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Couverture PIB - ©IMSEE

GDP Reports

Issue 16 10 November 2017

The GDP of the Principality, which is calculated since 2005, is published in...

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Couverture monaco statistics pocket 2017

"monaco statistics pocket"

Issue 11 29 June 2017

The Monegasque Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies publishes variou...

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Study : Rent Controlled Housing Sector of Private Tenure

Issue 2 04 June 2013

Monaco Statistics (IMSEE) has carried out a descriptive study of the sector k...

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Housing survey

Issue 2 19 July 2012

Following the third meeting of the Scientific Council, Monaco Statisticshas p...

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