Gouvernement Princier de Monaco
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The Principality has an uncontested image of peace and quality of life. This image is a tangible reality 365 days a year, despite the fact that special events take place all year long and that thousands of visitors and workers come here every day.

A model public security system

This haven of peace did not come about by chance. First of all, it is based on a state of mind shared by all, from the youngest age, ensuring that each person is respected and protected. It is supported at all times by the Prince's Government, by means of a carefully tailored policy on internal security and civil protection. To achieve this, the Principality has devoted resources to patrolling its territory and protecting institutions, property and individuals: Click here to find out more

Civil Security: Prevent, Plan and Intervene

With a strong operational capacity which is well adapted to both the urban environment and the specific natural features of the Principality, the Fire and Emergency Service protects people and property within Monaco and even beyond.

To maintain a high level of protection for people and property, the service is constantly anticipating the various risks and techniques for dealing with them: Click here to find out more

Coordinated emergency intervention

The Principality is located in an area with significant natural risks and its urbanisation has been marked by overlapping premises and facilities. The Prince’s Government is therefore particularly concerned with being operational at all times through emergency plans, whichever risks are identified: Click here to find out more

Security at events

The Principality regularly hosts international-level events. These major events require a heightened level of security which cannot be achieved without the active involvement of the Prince’s Government. The Government’s role is to ensure that all necessary measures to maintain this level of security are implemented: Click here to find out more

A framework for international collaboration

The Prince’s Government’s public and civil security activities go beyond the country’s borders, and include active participation in many international bodies: Click here to find out more

Digital security

Like all countries, the Principality is a potential target, due to its image and the positions it takes on the international stage, as well as its financial industry and economy: Click here to find out more