Gouvernement Princier de Monaco
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In preparation for its future, Monaco gives its young people every chance of a fulfilling life

The people who live and work in Monaco are its main asset. 120 nationalities live side by side in perfect harmony with their hosts, the Monegasques.

The size of the country, the importance placed on the principle of the hereditary Monarchy and the Latin-inspired culture are without doubt some of the reasons why the word "family" has such a special meaning in Monaco.  As a result, great attention is paid to the future of the 500 or so children who are born in Monaco each year (a figure that is increasing). From their first moments of life to the time they enter the world of work, young people are top priority.

A family policy based on incentives

The Government focuses closely on early childhood through its incentive-based family policy and invests heavily in this area on a continuous basis, providing dedicated support and facilities that are managed by the departments in the Mairie (Town Hall.)

An excellent educational system

The Prince’s Government works tirelessly to prepare the younger generation to build the Principality of tomorrow. This key aim is reflected in constant improvements to the educational system, which already achieves brilliant results in examinations at the end of secondary school and in subsequent university courses. Click here to find out more

Monaco's size means that it is not possible to follow as diversified higher education studies as in neighbouring countries.  Young Monegasques and residents therefore pursue their training and professional experience abroad thanks to an incentives policy undertaken by the Government that enables them to use  their experience abroad as a valuable asset when they return to follow their vocation at home, in Monaco. Click here to find out more

A whole country backs its youth

In Monaco, children are introduced to culture very early, thanks to partnerships made with the country's scientific, heritage and cultural entities.

Moreover, the quality of the sports facilities, the variety of cultural activities, the funding of specific equipment and the "Pass'sport'culture," as well as the wealth of voluntary associations, allow the best aspects of their personality to be developed.

Following their professional training or work experience, they are supported when they begin their working life, both in private companies and the public sector.

However, the Prince’s Government does not underestimate the difficulties that young people in the Principality can face, even though proximity is conducive to personalised support.  Therefore, great attention is paid to young people in difficulty and campaigns are organised to prevent behaviour that might place them at risk.

So, through the activities of the Prince’s Government, the country provides the means to support its young people to prepare for its future.