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Digital Security: a challenge for the future

The Principality of Monaco has decided to become fully committed to digital transition.

Digital transition is an important step in the Principality's development and an essential vector of growth for its future. However, without security and thus without trust, digital can become a place of theft, espionage, unfair competition, terrorism, criminality, etc.

The Government therefore wishes to have a strong, secure Monegasque cyber space that is sustainable over the long term and will enable the Principality to look calmly towards the future.  To this end, the Monaco Cyber Security Agency has drawn up an action plan for the Government, the main objectives of which are as follows:

  • To defend the Principality's basic interests.   To ensure the safety of critical infrastructure and critically important operators
  • To develop the usage of cyberspace in line with the Principality's values, protect the digital life of businesses and individuals and combat cyber crime
  • To raise awareness of and offer training in digital security, both of which are essential.  To promote responsible behaviour in a digital world
  • To make digital security a factor of competitiveness and trust.  To make trusted products and services available to the public, businesses and institutions
  • As soon as the Principality has reached a high enough threshold, it must become an essential player in promoting a secure, stable and open cyber space in Europe


This strategy concerns everyone, the Government, businesses and individuals: it will make the Principality an exemplary country in this field.

You can find practical guides by the Monaco Cyber Security Agency and full information on this subject in the Businesses section by clicking here.