Gouvernement Princier de Monaco
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Social protection and pensions

A high level of solidarity while maintaining a balance

Social protection and pensions in the Principality fall within the scope of the "Caisses Sociales de Monaco"(Monaco Social Funds). This generic term is usually used to refer to the compulsory social security schemes for employees and the self-employed in the Principality.  These schemes are managed by four different private law entities, all of which have been established by law to provide a public service, which have common administrative and accounting management bodies.

These bodies are managed by:

  • A Monitoring Committee chaired by the Minister for Social Affairs and Health made up of members of the Prince’s Government and representatives of employers and employees or self-employed workers, depending on the scheme
  • A Finance Committee chaired by the Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs and composed of persons appointed because of their expertise

In Monaco, the term "social funds" refers to:

  • La Caisse de Compensation des Services Sociaux (CCSS) (The Social Services Compensation Fund)
  • La Caisse Autonome des Retraites (CAR) (The Independent Pensions Fund)
  • La Caisse d’Assurance Maladie, Accident et Maternité des Travailleurs Indépendants (CAMTI) (Sickness, Accident and Maternity Insurance for the Self-Employed)
  • La Caisse Autonome de Retraites des Travailleurs Indépendants (CARTI) (The Independent Pensions Fund for the Self-Employed)
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