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Extended Monaco - Smart Principality
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The Extended Monaco digital programme

Very high value created from very limited space: a common feature shared by Monaco and the digital world. Thus, for the Principality, digital technology is an unprecedented opportunity to enlarge its social model and ensure its longevity, to make it ever more attractive and further .


This new model is resolutely Monegasque and advocates a responsible, protective digital technology that is at the service of humanity. Monaco will be the place where progress is made and financed, a "Funding Nation" of progress. Under the impetus of ten well-known international digital celebrities, gathered around the Prince Albert II, this vision took shape in 2019

It was created to benefit both Monegasques and those who choose the Principality for their residence, their business or for tourism. It is centred on three major priorities:


While significant initial successes have already been achieved, the Extended Monaco programme will be fully implemented over the next three years.

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