Gouvernement Princier de Monaco
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Law and Taxation

A transparent, incentives-based framework for businesses

The Prince’s Government has adopted a global approach to facilitating business development in Monaco on all fronts, while respecting the rules of ethics, transparency and efficiency.

Business and company law is currently being modernised to meet modern challenges in the economy and facilitate private initiatives.

The Monaco Welcome and Business Office offers support to entrepreneurs at every step of the way, from preliminary studies to development stages and the setting up stage.  It was established by the Prince’s Government to offer an efficient, personalised service. Click here to find out more

Monegasque businesses participate in the public effort through their tax contributions.  However, taxation is designed so as not to hinder their development.  Together with VAT, tax on company profits (ISB : impôt sur les bénéfices) is the basis for taxation in Monaco.  However, companies that take more than 75% of their turnover in the Principality are not subject to ISB.  Also, newly established companies are only partially affected by ISB, as they are exempt during the first two financial years, with a progression over six years.

By modernising the body of law and because of the stability of the incentives-based taxation system, the Prince’s Government is committed to encouraging the establishment and development of businesses in Monaco.