Gouvernement Princier de Monaco
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The political and institutional regime of the Principality is governed by Constitution of 17 December 1962 (as amended by Act N° 1.249 of 2 April 2002) .

As the fundamental law of the State, it defines the nature of the Government, the organisation of public authorities and their relations with each other. It also enacts the public rights and freedoms granted to Monegasques and foreign nationals.

The Principality is a hereditary and constitutional monarchy which asserts the rule of law over all institutions and also affirms the separation of powers. 
Executive power thus falls under the High authority of the Prince, and the running of Government departments is incumbent upon the Minister of State, assisted by the Ministers who are accountable to the Prince.

Legislative power is exercised jointly by the Prince and the National Council.

Finally, judicial powers, delegated by the Prince, are exercised by the Courts and Tribunals.