Gouvernement Princier de Monaco


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Quality of Life

Ensuring that Monaco remains a great place to live

The quality of life is preserved in Monaco thanks to the constant commitment of the Prince's Government. Paradoxically, the Principality's attraction is so strong that its balance could be threatened by the number and activities of people living and working in Monaco.

To this effect, the Prince's Government is putting in place a long-term strategy, planning for the future, to guarantee that the balance of the country is maintained – in terms of housing, daily life, entertainment and development.

Inventing the country's future – Forward planning

As a town-State providing every service that people visiting, living or working here could wish for, Monaco has to reinvent itself on a daily basis. The Prince's Government works hard in a spirit of prospective for the future, to trace out the contours of tomorrow's Principality, to ensure balance and to prepare for the new challenges ahead. Click here to find more

Developing the town so that it meets future challenges

Forward planning involves short-, mid- and long-term development plans, to ensure that Monaco will always be a model country. Development in the town is clearly visible, through new installations shaping its appearance. Improvements can also be more discreet – but nevertheless spectacular – as regards energy, water or waste. Click here to find more

Housing Monegasque and denizens

The success of the Monegasque property market provokes price tensions which could make housing Monegasque families and denizens quite difficult if it were not for the constant intervention of the Prince's Government. State housing, as wished by H.S.H. Prince Rainier III and today extended further, offers reasonable rents to Monegasque families who now also have the option to purchase these apartments. Click here to find more

Promoting trade and entertainment 

The Principality has a constant flow of initiatives, making it the centre for events, conventions and shows. The Prince's Government works tirelessly, serving these initiatives and offering the best conditions in terms of infrastructure, security and promotion. The Prince's Government also gives its full support to many events to promote the country's local, regional and international influence.

On a day-to-day basis, the town shines thanks to its shops and the events held. The Prince's Government and the Town Hall ensure that each of the neighbourhoods of the Principality can offer all those passing through or living there a wide range of shops and services. Click here to find more