Gouvernement Princier de Monaco
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The Administration's eco-responsibility

A State committing to eco-responsibility in all areas of action

The commitment of H.S.H. Prince Albert II to sustainable development gives the Monegasque Administration a duty to act as an example. The daily activities and functioning of the Administration are not impact-neutral on an environmental level – it was therefore important to begin thinking about how to reduce its impact.

Through its eco-responsibility initiative, the Prince's Government aims not only to preserve the environment, but also to contribute to improving working conditions and making savings.

State officials need to be convinced, as do all consumers, of the necessity of adopting new virtuous behaviour in our daily lives.

In this sense, eco-responsibility is closely linked to modernising our Administration and aims at improving the effectiveness of public service and increasing the attractiveness of our country, whilst upgrading working conditions and preserving the environment. These steps can also be an essential unifying concept – bringing the whole civil service together in a group initiative participating in progress and the improvement of working conditions.

Furthermore, while eco-responsibility aims at limiting the impact of the Administration's activities (resource and energy management, adapting buildings, new methods of consumption and limiting wastage) it also enables the Prince's Government to be involved in incentive campaigns aimed at the whole population – energy consumption, waste management, soft mobility, etc.

Lastly, the Administration's eco-responsibility also involves supporting exemplary initiatives, international cooperation and development aid and acting as a standard-bearer for this goal.