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Sport is a real tradition in the Principality, and a real passion, led by the Sovereign Prince and shared by the whole population. The place itself is conducive to practising sport, with many top-quality facilities.

Promoting the country as an international crossroads for sport

As a result of H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince's long-standing commitment to sport, including his involvement with the IOC, the Principality's visibility in this respect is ongoing. The Monegasque calendar is packed with international events throughout the year.

The Prince’s Government supports this commitment by providing equipment that can benefit the greatest number of people and by its efficient organisation of events that can involve the entire Monegasque Community (such as the Games of the Small States of Europe in 2007, the Grand Departure of the Tour de France in 2009, to name only the most recent). Click here to find out more

Encouraging the daily practice of sport from a leisure activity to the highest level

The Government directs its efforts to developing sport at school. It also seeks to promote sport for the general public, in particular by making it possible for young people to practice as many different sports disciplines as possible. It also encourages those who wish to move towards competitive sport. Click here to find out more

Affirming values and helping to create a blueprint for the sport of tomorrow

Because of his presence on the International Olympic Committee, for which he is renowned, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco is helping to shape the image of sport in the 21st century. He considers ethics and the educational dimension to be among the most important issues. This has led the Prince’s Government to become actively involved in the fight against doping. Click here to find out more