Gouvernement Princier de Monaco
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Social Affairs and Health

Preserving the excellence and the supportive aspect of the social model and care system

The Monegasque community is often compared to a large family that is united around its Sovereign Prince. This social network, which is so precious, is based on a spirit of consensus and shared values, which is so important to Monegasque nationals, the country's denizens and everyone who lives there.

The whole Monegasque community is united in a spirit of solidarity, which stems from its "family" size. The Prince’s Government promotes this spirit and is known for being attentive to everyone's needs and for offering individualised support for all. On a day-to-day basis, maintaining this social network is the responsibility of devoted staff, overseen by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. It encompasses the family environment, the needs of each generation, the quality of life for people with disabilities and support for those most at risk … Click here to find out more

The quality of the public health system is part of this mission. In this respect, the Prince’s Government makes great efforts to maintain the excellence of its health care system. Click here to find out more