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Journal de Monaco

The Journal de Monaco, established by the Constitution of 17 December 1962 has now become the official journal for the publication of Monegasque legislation and regulations. It is published in paper and electronic format every Friday (except official holidays).

The Journal de Monaco website provides access to all of the editions published since April 1998. Users can search the site by date or by subject. It is also possible to refine your search by the type of legal text or government decision (click here to access the Journal de Monaco online ). The Prince’s Government website also offers you the opportunity to receive a clickable summary of the Journal de Monaco via email the day after it is published (click here to subscribe to the Journal de Monaco Newsletter ).

This publication from the State authorities is a useful tool for learning about the full range of the Principality’s cultural, religious and community life. Just take a look under the heading “The week in the Principality, various events and performances”.

Those looking to take charge of their career will find it very useful to consult the section titled “Competitions and recruitment”.

The Journal de Monaco also enables readers to take an interest in Monaco’s political life through the publication of National Council debates under the heading “Public session”.

This legal publication is a source for professionals to learn about invitations to tender or calls for proposals issued by the Government and the Commune, as well as prices, fees and other tax obligations.

For those who wish to follow the Principality’s institutional life and history, it is possible to consult the official reports of the various administrative authorities, or to relive the major events of the Principality under the heading “Annex”, by downloading the colour booklets.

For a fee, the Journal de Monaco offices will provide citizens with paper copies of any legal publication, going back to the first issue dated 30 May 1858, then known as L’Eden. All requests for such copies must be justified.

The Journal de Monaco is also responsible for publishing the legal announcements which citizens and legal entities are obliged to make by law or in accordance with regulations.

Other publications

The offices of the Journal de Monaco also offer the following publications:

  • "La Principauté de Monaco, l’Etat, son statut international, ses institutions" by Georges Grinda
  • "La  Constitution du 17 décembre 1962, révisée par la loi 1.249 du 2 avril 2002"

Click here if you would like to purchase one of the Journal de Monaco’s publications .