Gouvernement Princier de Monaco
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A sports-oriented country

Prestigious competitions are not the only manifestations of Monaco's sports culture. The concept of sport for all, as both a leisure activity and in schools, is also daily proof. In addition to offering high-quality facilities, the Prince’s Government finances sports associations and events that make an active contribution to the Principality's reputation and influence.

This ongoing policy has enabled the Principality to be represented at major sporting events, such as the Olympic Games, the Mediterranean Games and the Jeux de la Francophonie (French Speakers' Games).

Daily sport supported by the Government

Government policy at the local level has three objectives:

  • Developing sport in schools.Physical education and swimming lessons are part of the timetable from a very early age and are taught by specialist instructors. Where possible, school buildings are equipped with the necessary facilities for practicing sport on an individual or group basis (such as a gymnasium or swimming pool.) Pupils take part in inter-class and inter-schools tournaments and UNSS (Union Nationale du Sport Scolaire - National Sporting Union for Schools) competitions. These include rowing, athletics, gymnastics, group sports, fencing and climbing.
  • Encouraging sport for the general public, particularly by enabling young people to take part in as many different sports as possible in the sector of voluntary associations. There are around a hundred sports associations, most of which receive State support. Also, sports facilities in schools are open to sports associations after school hours. This allows the Government to pursue a policy of maximum use of sports facilities.
  • Encouraging competitive sport. Specially adapted timetables are available to school students who need to spend many hours training; a provision granting the status of high-level Olympic sportsperson has been established to encourage national sportspeople to participate in major events such as the Olympic Games and enable them to train in optimum conditions thanks to adjustments to their working hours; and through the Monegasque Olympic Committee, national athletes and their federation can receive support as part of their preparation for the Olympics.
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