Gouvernement Princier de Monaco
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A dynamic labour pool

The Prince's Government is pursuing a proactive development policy for the economy and employment in Monaco, which has direct effects on a large pool of the population.

Dynamic business activity in Monaco thus strongly benefits neighbouring countries, not to mention the international influence of many firms located in the Principality. The positive ripple effect on regional consumption and wealth extends from Cannes to Genoa. It also has beneficial effects, in a difficult context, on the employment situation in all neighbouring areas within a wide radius of the Principality. 

By mixing a pool of different skills and high potential profiles, Monegasque companies therefore generate growth opportunities for a large catchment area. Every day, thousands of employees come to join the local population and contribute to the development of the economy. In this context, Monegasques enjoy employment priority initiatives over foreign nationals with equivalent skills, to enable them to be employed in their own country. Subject to compliance with these national priority measures, foreign employees are welcome in Monaco, in a regulated employment environment enabling them to benefit from favourable Monegasque regimes.

Keen to boost employment growth, the Prince's Government invests unstintingly in an eco-responsible approach to facilitate the daily movement of large numbers of people from neighbouring regions. This ambitious soft mobility policy includes a number of initiatives, such as the purchase of railway equipment, bundled tariffs from transport companies, the construction of access lanes and car parks, the provision of bicycles, etc.