Gouvernement Princier de Monaco
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Monaco's image

A language of truth to unveil Monaco's underlying realities

The Prince's Government is aware of the complexity of the images associated with Monaco. As such, the thorough examination of the country's image has been a strategic duty, as would be for any State moving towards increased modernisation.

Studies show that Monaco's image is widely a very positive one in the public's view, despite some misleading short-sightedness. However, advantages such as the robustness of its institutions, the quality of life, the country’s geographical location, the strength of its economic and social model or the hosting of famous international events obscures in the mind of some audiences what makes up the deep seated wealth of the Country.

H.S.H the Sovereign Prince has asked the Government to carry out focused communication campaigns to increase Monaco’s attractiveness for a target population and, more generally, the international public opinion. The campaign "Monaco - A special role in the world" was the result of this initiative. It has been widely disseminated and has won several awards, proving that it struck a chord. This campaign is supported by all stakeholders who are working tirelessly to establish this renewed image for Monaco. Click here to find out more

Progress for the country's image cannot be limited to a publicity campaign. H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco is the leading ambassador of Monaco’s image, and thanks to His interventions and exemplary positions, He is making of the Principality a recognised international advocate, especially on development and eco-responsibility issues.