Gouvernement Princier de Monaco
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Monaco Worldwide

The international presence and influence of a model State in the community of nations

Monaco's Sovereigns have always acted as the voice of the State to the international community. Monaco was recognised by the United Nations Organization in 1993. In 1995, following a decision by H.S.H. Prince Rainier III, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was created.

In this way, as regards its international presence, the Monegasque Government implements the policies of H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince, who is the chief advocate of Monaco to the world, particularly through his official visits and ambitious positions in a community of nations confronted with important challenges.

Many agreements and treaties involve Monaco, whether with bilateral or multilateral signatures. Thus, Monaco's voice is backed by commitments that often relate to issues that are crucial for the future of the planet. Click here to find out more

Monaco's international presence is growing stronger every day through its network of embassies and participation in international conferences. Click here to find out more

This presence has been strengthened over the past few years, thanks to an increase in multilateral activities with international organisations, in line with the policy set out by H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince in a variety of sectors, which are often highly symbolic. Click here to find out more

The Principality has a presence in every continent, and maintains strong ties with Europe despite not being a member of the European Community. In addition to bilateral agreements with its members, Monaco's membership of the Council of Europe shows its willingness to ensure that Monegasque law is in conformity with norms relating to human rights, respect for personal freedoms and national representation. Click here to find out more

The Principality has pursued an exemplary policy on agreements relating to the exchange of fiscal information, in full conformity with commitments undertaken in 2009 to respect international requirements on transparency.  

Monaco can therefore be viewed completely objectively by its peers in the context of the OECD's Global Forum. Click here to find out more

Monaco is setting an example in the sustainable development of the planet. H.S.H. Prince Albert II is making his influence felt on the country, so that Monaco lives up to the spirit of "RIO+20" by reaching the millennium goals.  Click here to find out more