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Administration and Training Division


The Administration and Training Division is responsible for reviewing, developing and implementing work in the areas of human resources management; initial and ongoing training; general budget issues; management of equipment, including technical equipment, and vehicles; building management; security and safety technology; and projects to modernise the department, as well as the reception and telephone switchboard.

Organisation and operation

A Head of Division, supported by a deputy and a secretarial office, leads the division, which has four sections

The Human Resources Section

  • Manages the 552 police officers and administrative staff employed by the Police Service
  • Deals with career management, sickness and managing the organisational structure of the Service 
  • Organises competitive recruitment and promotion examinations, and carries out studies regarding restructuring and increasing numbers of officers
  • Deals with technical and judicial issues and disciplinary action 
  • Provides advice when managing the retirement of staff

The Training section

This section is responsible for initial and ongoing training for Police Department staff, working with the civil service and the Department of International Cooperation of the French National Police Service.

It also manages and monitors the work of the Police School which: 

  • Deals with applications to become police recruits whether graduate entry, at constable level or as police social workers
  • Provides initial training and vocational training for all police officers
  • Teaches road safety in schools and within specialized organisations for maladjusted children through the Children's Crossings and road safety unit
  • Welcomes and supervises schoolchildren and university students doing work experience placements with the Police
  • Designs, drafts and prints technical documentation to facilitate staff training and to provide extensive resources for those wishing to apply for internal competitive tests and exams 
  • Participates in training officials from other departments of the Administration

For more information see: ecoledepolice.gouv.mc

The Traineeships Office organises all professional ongoing training courses, some of which take place outside Monaco.

The Financial Administration and Equipment Section

The Financial Management and Control Office prepares draft budgets for the Police Service and conducts performance checks. It audits the accounts and examines the financial needs of the divisions (consulting suppliers, market research, etc.).

The Vehicle and Marine Fleet Management Centre deals with maintenance and repairs to Police vehicles and vessels. It also deals with putting in place and maintaining mobile road signs. 

The General Resources Centre manages furniture and other fixtures and fittings equipping Police premises. It also deals with checking uniforms and the modernization of police equipment. 

The Internet & Communication Bureau disseminates practical information to the public.  

The Security Technologies Section

This Section works on transmission, video-surveillance and IT and:  

  • Manages the radio-communication network under the authority of a Section Head
  • Manages remote surveillance in the town
  • Maintains and develops police computer equipment and carries out studies to ensure that equipment is adapted to technical innovations

Project Manager

This role is responsible for developing projects to modernise the Police Department. The Project Manager serves as the interface between the operational teams and the project management team responsible for technical implementation of the project; monitors costs, deadlines and quality; and finally contributes to the strategy for developing e-Government digital products and coordinates the various project stakeholders.


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Contact details

Division de l'Administration et de la Formation

Opening hours : from 8.30am to 12 and from 02.30pm to 6.30pm from Monday to Friday

Phone Number : (+377) 93 15 32 38

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Division de l'Administration et de la Formation

9, rue Suffren Reymond

Opening hours : from 8.30am to 12 and from 02.30pm to 6.30pm from Monday to Friday

Phone Number : (+377) 93 15 32 38