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The Environment

Eco-responsibility as a principle of political action

On the instigation of H.S.H. Prince Albert II, the environment and subjects related to sustainable development are among the most important political priorities in the State of Monaco, on both a national and international level. The actions of the Prince's Government take into account the topics of biodiversity, the management of resources and the reduction of greenhouse gases and also a specific policy towards the establishment of a sustainable city.

An undertaking at international level

In terms of the environment and sustainable development, the Principality has ratified many international conventions and agreements. The Principality's State departments ensure that these agreements are implemented on national territory, and play an active part in their governance during international meetings. Click here to find out more

Preserving the natural heritage

Managing the natural heritage involves the preservation of marine and terrestrial biodiversity, but also water resource management, and the control and monitoring of pollution.

Preserving the natural heritage is one of the four pillars of the Principality's sustainable development policy. Practical initiatives include the implementation of inventory programs, cartography, monitoring and protection of marine and terrestrial biodiversity, but also through water resource management and the control and monitoring of pollution. Click here to find out more

Monaco – a sustainable town

Monaco has to deal with the issues relating to the sustainable development of a town-State that is 2 km² in size, the home of 35,000 residents and the workplace of 48,000 employees. The Government is committed to meeting the long-term challenges of mobility, resource and waste management, the preservation of natural heritage, sound nuisance and wastewater treatment. Click here to find out more

The Climate and Energy Plan in the town

The Principality's Climate and Energy Plan focuses on meeting two challenges: maintaining the supply of electricity, and fighting climate change.

It should allow Monaco to meet the Kyoto Protocol targets, and in some instances to ahead them. Click here to find out more

Meeting great challenges

Meeting the great environmental challenges of our time through a sustainable development approach and laying durably down that commitment in the Law. These are the Government's aims, in accordance with the wishes expressed by H.S.H. Prince Albert II. They are put in practice by mobilising the Administration and the different components of Monegasque society. Click here to find out more

Soft mobility

Transport is a major challenge in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Every day, tens of thousands of vehicles pass through the Principality. Making traffic more fluid, and changing the habitual travel behaviour of users towards an increased use of public transport or car-sharing are just a few of the projects that the Prince's Government undertakes and supports on a daily basis. Click here to find more