Gouvernement Princier de Monaco
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Assessment of public policies

Since 2011, as part of the modernisation of public policy, the Prince’s Government has been taking broad steps to evaluate its policies in this area.

These steps are intended to provide the Principality with the tools it needs to understand and manage the policies being implemented and thus contribute to the improvement of public policy as a whole.

The approach involves establishing a shared view of a policy by carrying out a diagnosis, and assessing the policy’s effectiveness against clear criteria based on the objectives, methods of implementation and impact of the policy.

This assessment may lead the Government to redefine the policy in order to set new priorities and ensure more coherence and efficiency between the objectives and the means employed.

These assessments are managed by the General Inspectorate of Civil Service  which was established in 2011.

Click here to access the Inspectorate’s annual report

Public Policy Barometer

The Barometer is a good measure of the effectiveness of actions taken by the Prince’s Government to strengthen the Monegasque economic and social model.

It provides a means to increase the visibility of the Government’s performance across six areas, covering all of the public policies pursued by the Principality (governance, international outreach, economic vibrancy, excellence in social policy, security, and quality of the environment), and is also a way of confirming the new public action governance practices through consolidating management by results and facilitating international comparisons.

Click here to access the Public Policy Barometer