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General Inspectorate of Civil Service


The General Inspectorate of the Civil Service is under the direct authority of the Minister of State and is tasked with: 

  • Controlling and auditing the functioning of the State’s services
  • Carrying out or participating in the assessment of public policies
  • Carrying out studies, surveys on an ad hoc basic or inspections
  • Participating in commissions and other administrative authorities
  • Issuing opinions, studies and proposals to improve the functioning of Government departments

The General Inspectorate of the Civil Service carries out its work objectively, impartially and in a neutral manner as regards the State’s administrative services and may also intervene, in compliance with applicable legislative and regulatory provisions, in respect of legal persons governed by public law that have been entrusted with a public service assignment or benefit from State financial aid, in the latter case without prejudice to the provisions of Sovereign ordinance no 1.706 of 2 July 2008 .

Investigation or inspection reports drawn up pursuant to Figures 1 and 3 are the subject of a procedure under which both parties are to be heard.

Official Directory

Legal References

Ordinance no. 1.706 of 02 July 2008 implementing the act no. 885 of May 2 1970 pertaining to the financial control of private-law bodies which receive State subsidies

Ordinance no. 3.410 of 16 August 2011 establishing the General Inspectorate of Civil Service

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Inspection Générale de l'Administration

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Inspection Générale de l'Administration

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