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Board of Auditors


The Board of Auditors, the supreme public auditing institution in the Principality, audits the accounts and the budgetary and financial management of the State, the Commune and public institutions.

It may also audit organisations benefiting from State funding or a legal person governed by public law, and/or private companies not listed on the Stock Exchange in which the State holds more than half of the capital.

The Prince may also give the Board other tasks under its jurisdiction, such as research or fact-finding.

It is a member of a number of international bodies bringing together supreme public auditing institutions (INTOSAI, EUROSAI, AISCCUF).

Each year, it publishes a report in the Journal de Monaco presenting its main findings and observations on the accounts and financial management of the State and public institutions during the previous year. This underlines its status as an independent SAI, particularly with regard to the criteria laid down by the international bodies bringing together such institutions, of which it is a member.

Organisation and operation

The Board of Auditors, having six members, may only pass a resolution if three of the members are in attendance when it meets.

The Board members, chosen for their skills in public accounting, are appointed for five years by Sovereign Ordinance.

The Prince designates a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman from among the Board members.

The Board members swear an oath before the Prince that they will perform the duties entrusted to them in an impartial and completely independent way.

See the current members of the Board of Auditors on the Official Directory.



The Board of Auditors was established by Article 42 of the Constitution monégasque du 17 décembre 1962, as amended in 2002, under the terms of which it "oversees the financial management" of public accounts.

Ordinance n° 1.707 of the 2 July 2008 now establishes the jurisdiction, operating conditions and membership of the Board.

Founding legislation

Ordinance no. 1.707 of 02 July 2008 repealing the Sovereign Ordinance no. 3.980 of 29 February 1968 concerning the Board of Auditors, amendedezembed

Annual reports

application/pdf Rapport Public annuel de la Commission Supérieure des Comptes 2022 (781.04 kB)

Contact details

Commission Supérieure des Comptes

Phone Number : (+377) 98 98 92 26

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Commission Supérieure des Comptes

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Phone Number : (+377) 98 98 92 26