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Map of Electromagnetic Measurements

To address citizens' growing concerns about radio frequency emissions, the Principality of Monaco has adopted regulations in this respect that are among the most stringent in Europe

Measurements in conformity with the regulations
One of the measurements is not in conformity
Measurements that are not in conformity

L' Ordinance no. 3.020 of 26 November 2010 pertaining to limiting the public’s exposure to electromagnetic fields therefore sets a threshold electric field of 6 V/m* for the entire spectrum, between 100 kHz and 6 GHz.  In this frequency band, this limit value is 4.5 times below the lowest limit recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), i.e. 28 V/m.  An additional restriction of 4 V/m was introduced for emissions from mobile phone base stations (set at 6 V/m for public stopping-off place inside buildings).

The mission of the Department of Electronic Communications (DCE), which is part of the Ministry of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development, is to check that emissions from radio frequency networks in the Principality respect the new limits.

Since 2011, the DCE has been measuring emissions throughout the country, with a particular focus on schools and health establishments, and also all areas close to sources of radio frequency emissions.

 The map above makes it possible to locate the various sites for which one or several measurement points have been identified, corresponding to the places where the overall electric field is the greatest.

 When clicking on the symbol, a window appears, showing, for each measurement point, the value of the overall field and the value of the mobile telephone field. The regulation Monegasque limits are mentioned in brackets.

 This map will be updated regularly with new measurements from sites that have already been evaluated, plus measurements taken from new sites.

* : V/m (volt per metre) is the unit of measurement for electric fields.