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Meteorological data, air quality, noise measurement and pollens measurements


Every year since 2012, the "Meteorology and Climate" Focus has provided an analysis of the average values recorded annually for temperature and precipitation parameters. These data, recorded by the meteorological station in the Exotic Garden, are treated in conjunction with the Department of the Environment and Monaco Statistics.


These Focuses can be consulted on Monaco Statistics’ website: www.monacostatistics.mc/Publications/Focus

Air Quality

The network for measuring air quality in Monaco consists of 6 fixed pollution measurement stations: 

  • Four representative stations to measure pollution from road traffic (urban proximity stations)
  • Two representative stations to measure urban environmental pollution (urban background stations)


Air quality is assessed using the criteria defined by the Directive 2008/50/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2008 on ambient air quality and cleaner air for Europe.

View the air quality reports:
application/pdf Rapport sur la qualité de l'air 2015 (1.81 MB)
application/pdf Rapport sur la qualité de l'air 2016 (1.95 MB)

Noise measurement

As part of the Noise Observatory, the Department of the Environment makes available monthly reports on the noise measurements undertaken at different points in the territory.

Click here to view these reports: www.acoucite.org/Partenaires/Monaco/reseau-de-mesure/API_Monaco.php


Pollen measurements

The Department of the Environment has set up a network to monitor pollen which uses innovative ways to measure the quantities of pollens in the Principality, enabling a daily allergen risk to be determined.

 More information on pollen measurements