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24 April 2016 Press release

Marine pollution incident underway to west of Gulf of Genoa

On Sunday 17 April 2016, during the unloading at the Port of Genoa of a ship whose cargo was destined for a refinery situated in the north of the city, a pipeline breakage caused a spill of approximately 500 m3 of crude oil on land and into the river. The Italian authorities set up barriers to contain the pollution and prevent it from reaching the sea.

During the night of 22–23 April, bad weather ruptured part of this containment mechanism, opening the way for some of the pollutants to reach the Mediterranean.

Managers at the Genoa coastguard then declared a local emergency during the morning of 23 April. The Italian coastguard mobilised numerous pollution clean-up ships in the Gulf of Genoa and at the mouth of the river, as well as three deep-sea vessels further off the coast. Teams are working to pump and clean the pollutants from the river.

To counter any eventuality, late in the morning the Italian environmental and maritime authorities activated RAMOGEPOL, the Franco-Italian-Monegasque intervention plan to prevent and combat incidences of marine pollution.

This plan puts the relevant French and Monegasque authorities on alert. The Italian authorities have not requested reinforcements at this stage.

Authorities in Monaco remain vigilant and in contact with the French Maritime Prefect and CROSSMED as the situation evolves.

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