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28 April 2016 News flash

Mongolia – Monaco's Official Development Assistance is Committed to Improving the Health of the Population of Arkhangai

A bioclimatic greenhouse, an innovative concept that makes it possible to extend the cultivation period from 4 months to 9 months ©S.Darrasse/REALIS/DCI

The Department of International Cooperation travelled to Mongolia to evaluate the project to improve maternal and infant health, "A Healthy Birth in Arkhangai" ("Bien Naître en Arkhangaï"), which has been supported by the Prince's Government since 2009.  A new pilot project was also launched, to provide access to better quality food.

At the conclusion of the project "A Healthy Birth in Arkhangai" ("Bien Naître en Arkhangaï"), undertaken in partnership with Santé Sud and the Sanofi Espoir association, the death rate in Arkhangai has decreased by 27%.  These excellent results were achieved with the support of 19 health centres in the region, by training 700 health professionals and through better monitoring of pregnancies.  This project was declared a success by the Mongolian Ministry of Health, and a decree was issued to extend it to the whole country.

Encouraged by these results, Monaco's Official Development Assistance has decided to support a new pilot project to improve the health of the population of Arkhangai, via access to better quality food.*  In particular, the aim is to develop local vegetable production using bioclimatic greenhouses, improving knowledge of health and nutrition among the personnel and promoting a healthy, balanced diet to the population.  Food is a priority public health issue in Mongolia.

*The partners of the project are:

  • The Mongolian Ministry of Health and Sports
  • The Mongolian Ministry of Food and Agriculture
  • The ArkhangaiAuthorities
  • Santé Sud
  • GERES (Group for the Environment, Renewable Energy and Solidarity) 

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