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16 May 2023 Press release

WHO - Monaco attends the Ninth High-level Meeting of the Small Countries Initiative for health in Luxembourg

9ème réunion de haut niveau de l’initiative des petits Etats pour la santé à Luxembourg © SIP - Julien Warnand

Established in 2013 under the aegis of the World Health Organization (WHO), the Small Countries Initiative is a platform through which 11 countries in the European region with populations of two million or less work together to share their experiences and achieve their common health and well-being objectives.

At this meeting, discussions focused on the health and well-being economy, access to medicines, and improving human resources.

Mr Alexandre Bordero, Director of the Department of Health Affairs, spoke about the steps being taken in Monaco on the prevention and treatment of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). He mentioned the country’s awareness campaigns highlighting the dangers of smoking, and the importance of a healthy diet and physical exercise.

At another round table on mental health, Alexandre Bordero talked about what Monaco is doing to detect addictions, educate the public about these issues, and strengthen mental healthcare facilities and staff training.

The Luxembourg Ministerial Statement, signed on Friday 12 May, reaffirmed the shared goals of the Small Countries and emphasised the need to advance global health and well-being for individuals.

Finally, the closing meeting of focal points saw representatives from the Small Countries invited to a symposium on the emergence of new viral risks, which will take place in Monaco in October 2023.

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