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23 May 2018 News flash

Monaco Strengthens its Cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Photo Caption:  Isabelle Rosabrunetto, Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, signing a Convention and a Financing Agreement with the International Committee of the Red Cross, represented by Balthasar Staehelin, Deputy Director General.  © DR

On 23 May 2018, in Geneva, the Prince's Government and the International Committee of the Red Cross signed a Convention establishing a cooperation framework to support ICRC operations in the field.

The ICRC is a major player on the international scene.  Its mission is exclusively humanitarian - to protect and assist the victims of armed conflicts.  An increasing number of these conflicts have serious humanitarian consequences.

16,800 people are involved in the ICRC's activities in more than 80 countries to help victims of armed conflict or violence.  This organisation has been a partner of the Prince's Government for many years with regard to the implementation of its humanitarian aid.

One of the characteristics of contemporary armed conflicts is that they are of long duration, which raises many new challenges for managing these crises and also for the long-term management of populations, whether local, displaced or refugees.  In addition to the aspect of urgency, these observations call for action inspired by cooperation and development.

The Prince's Government is therefore focusing its support on the ICRC's intervention in areas where conflicts have become entrenched over the long term.

By formalising this long-standing relationship, the Principality is reiterating its commitment to the respect of international humanitarian law, international human rights law and basic humanitarian principles.

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