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15 May 2018 Press release

Conserving Bird Populations: The Department of the Environment Installs Nesting Boxes in Town

Nichoir dans les Jardins de St Martin © Direction de la Communication/Michael Alesi

To shelter in winter and nest in spring, many species of birds occupy cavities - hollow trees or gaps on a facade or under a roof.  In an urbanised context, such as the Monegasque territory, where this type of shelter is becoming rarer, the Department of the Environment is installing artificial nesting boxes.  The aim is to encourage a variety of species to nest in parks and gardens.

As well as helping to conserve bird populations, these nesting boxes make it possible to:

  • Encourage small insectivores to nest and provide natural pest control, in line with the "biological" control implemented by the Department of Urban Amenities.
  • Raise awareness among citizens and young people of protecting biodiversity and develop a general interest in nature conservation.  In this respect, some nesting boxes are being installed in places of educational interest
  • Study and monitor bird populations for scientific purposes.

The target species are mainly passerines, which are accustomed to the urban environment, as well as two small birds of prey - the Scops Owl and the Kestrel.  A preliminary study carried out by the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur Conservatory of Natural Species identified nesting boxes that are specifically adapted to these species and specified where they were to be located in parks and gardens in the Principality.  In the field, the most suitable trees and the height and orientation of the nesting boxes were precisely identified.

In addition, as part of interdisciplinary practical training in life sciences and technology, nesting boxes for Great Tits were designed by a Year 10 class from the Collège Charles III and installed in gardens in the Principality.

A report is available on our social networks and on Monaco Info from 7 p.m. this evening.

Further information:  environnement@gouv.mc

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