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A la Une du Portail


Flags to be flown at half-mast

17 August 2018 Press release

As a mark of solidarity with Italy, where a national day of mourning is planned on 18 August in memory of the victims of the bridge collapse in Genoa, a decision has been made to fly flags at half-mast on public buildings this Saturday.

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lOGO alpes de la Méditerranée

Application to include Mediterranean Alps on UNESCO list France - Monaco - Italy

14 August 2018 Monaco Worldwide Press release

In a bid to protect the region’s heritage, promote joint action to conserve biodiversity and raise public awareness about the environment and local development, France, Monaco and Italy are jointly submitting an application for the cross-border area known as the “Mediterranean Alps” to be included on the UNESCO Worl...

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Measles: One Confirmed Case

14 August 2018 Social Affairs and Health Press release

The Department of Health Affairs has been notified of a case of measles, contracted by a resident of the Principality, who is currently travelling abroad.The Government therefore invites anyone who has not had measles to check that their vaccination is up to date. They should not to hesitate to consult their doctor...

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hashtagrant - Copyright - DR

Keywords for Promoting "Destination Monaco"

10 August 2018 Press release

As part of its digital strategy, the Prince's Government is inviting all local players to use certain keywords (hashtags) in their publications on social networks, in order to build a community and play a shared role in promoting Monaco as a destination.As a reminder for newbies, a hashtag is a key word or phrase th...

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ramoge recensement nacres - Counting noble pen shells in front of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco © Government Communication Department / Manuel Vitali

RAMOGE - Noble pen shell census

09 August 2018 Monaco Worldwide Press release

On Sunday 5 August 2018, at the instigation of the RAMOGE Agreement, which is encouraging the public to get involved and help scientists to better understand the distribution of certain protected species, the Monaco Underwater Exploration Club and the Department of the Environment joined forces and good will to cond...

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Réfection Pelouse stade - Pitch renovation at Louis II Stadium © Government Communication Department /Michael Alesi

Pitch at Louis II Stadium renovated

09 August 2018 Sport News flash

Since Sunday 13 May 2018, the day after the last Ligue 1 home fixture, significant work has been underway at Louis II Stadium to renovate the football pitch.The work, due to be completed on Friday 10 August, has been carried out in two phases in order to avoid interfering with the Herculis EBS international athletic...

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Nouveau sens de circulation Casino -  The Department of Urban Amenities completing the final road markings this morningPhoto credit: Michael Alesi © Government Communication Department

New road layout for Place du Casino

08 August 2018 Quality of Life Press release

Starting on Thursday 9 August 2018, a new road layout will be tested on Place du Casino.The initiative, which is being conducted under the aegis of the Société des Bains de Mer, the Police Department and the Department of Urban Amenities, will be in place throughout autumn, with the results to be analysed at the end...

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sun-3313646_960_720 - Copyright - DR

Ozone pollution: information and recommendations

08 August 2018 The Environment Press release

With regard to air quality, the Principality of Monaco complies with the targets set out in European directives. Thus, when the information threshold of 180 µg ozone per cubic metre of air is exceeded, the Department of the Environment informs the population.Ozone pollution is caused by the effect of the sun on some...

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The Board of Auditors Submits the 2017 Annual Public Report to H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince

03 August 2018 The Economy Press release

On 18 July 2018, the Chairperson of the Board of Auditors submitted the 2017 Annual Public Report to HS.H. the Sovereign Prince. This Report was drafted by the Principality’s Supreme Public Auditing Institution (S.A.I) on 9 May 2018.This report is available on the Government's web site. Pursuant to the Sovereign Ord...

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Publication of the Campaign Accounts of the Three Lists of Candidates who Took Part in the National Elections

03 August 2018 A Modern State Press release

The Electoral Campaign Audit Committee has just sent the Minister of State its report on the costs incurred by the three lists of candidates who competed in the latest national elections in February 2018.The accounts of each of the lists have been validated and remained within the limit of EUR 320,000 set by law.The...

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