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05 November 2019 Press release

4th Moi(s) Sans Tabac: stop smoking campaign : doubles chances of quitting

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Now a key event on the calendar, this month-long collective challenge, which offers smokers support to quit, aims to encourage the Principality’s residents to give up smoking and send out a strong message to help combat the serious diseases caused by tobacco consumption.

Giving up during the campaign doubles smokers’ chances of quitting compared with success rates for those who try to stop without any outside support.

To help smokers achieve their goal, the Prince’s Government was keen for the Principality of Monaco to get involved as a partner in the Moi(s) Sans Tabac stop smoking campaign led by the French Ministry of Health.

Said Didier Gamerdinger, Minister of Health and Social Affairs: “Our role is to support those who want to stop smoking and help them to turn this plan, which is vital for their health, into a reality.

Run by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs in conjunction with Princess Grace Hospital, the campaign is back again this year, with free stop smoking kits available for collection from the campaign’s partner chemists. You can also:

The Tabac Info Service website (http://www.tabac-info-service.fr) publishes information to help smokers prepare before 1 November and increase their chances of success.

Various techniques and treatments to increase your chances of successfully quitting smoking

  • Help from a doctor or health professional, who will, if necessary, prescribe medicine that will maximise your chances of success
  • Nicotine substitutes are freely available to purchase from pharmacies, and can mitigate withdrawal symptoms and improve your chances of success
  • Support via telephone is also useful (39.89)

E-coaching: smartphone apps you can download to help you quit

Tabac Info Service, Smokerstop, Quit Now, Stop-Tabac or Qwit... There are a number of comprehensive, practical smartphone apps that offer personalised monitoring for free. Users have access to specific goals. These apps can also help you to measure improvements in your health (heart rate, oxygen level, reduced coughing).

Health benefits of quitting smoking

Loss of your sense of smell, early wrinkles, not to mention lung cancer, oral cancer... and smoking may also have an indirect impact on the brain, impairing your memory, capacity to learn and intellectual reasoning.

Men who stop smoking between the ages of 35 and 39 will increase their life expectancy by five years. Another advantage for women is that stopping smoking delays the menopause.

A “stop smoking coach” at No Finish Line

Running is another suggested option for reducing your cigarette consumption. Researchers have based this conclusion on the Run to Quit programme, the principle of which is to run as part of a group, while being monitored by a coach and a stop smoking specialist. The study showed that 91% of participants had reduced their tobacco consumption.

So, once again this year, Dr Mohammed Mouhssine, a stop smoking specialist at Princess Grace Hospital and a partner of this campaign, will be at the No Finish Line event to raise awareness and offer immediate support to help runners give up their habit 

The best possible preparation

To give yourself the best chance of success, make sure you are well prepared by contacting a stop smoking specialist or a health professional, who will work with you to determine the most appropriate strategy.

There are several strategies which will help you to quit and to stay off the cigarettes over the long term. It is up to you to decide which of these are best suited to your lifestyle and relationship with tobacco.

In addition, support from the Princess Grace Hospital’s specialist stop smoking consultation service is free and can be accessed by telephoning

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