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08 February 2024 Press release

2023 Police Department activity report

The inauguration of the new Police Department building on 26 January marks a decisive turning point for the Monegasque police. The Department is now equipped with more spacious and modern premises that enable staff to carry out their missions in optimal conditions.

Despite a period punctuated by relocations and working conditions at times unsuited to the requirements of around-the-clock operations, throughout the year the Police Department succeeded in maintaining a high level of safety.

Overall, figures for the year 2023 indicate positive trends and reflect the effectiveness of processes and of the women and men who work daily to protect people and property in the Principality of Monaco. In the context of an alarming international environment, a very busy event schedule and sustained judicial activity, security measures have been updated and reinforced with remarkable results.

-          Court activity was down considerably from the previous year (2022):

  • Number of cases filed with the Public Prosecution Department: - 35 %
  • Number of letters rogatory: - 17 %
  • Number of international letters rogatory: - 34 %

-          Crime rates:

While the general crime rate rose slightly (0.9%) to 834 incidents, up from 826 the year before, street crime — meaning petty crime, on which the preventive measures taken by the police can have a real impact — fell by 17 % (from 59 incidents to 49).

In comparison, in 2016, street crime occurred at a rate of one incident every three days; eight years later, that figure has fallen to one per week.

These are more than satisfactory results given that this type of crime — including anti-social behaviour, attacks on people and property, and disturbing the peace — is the one that most affects the community.

-          Number of solved cases: a decline was recorded in the number of general crime cases solved in 2023 (0.52 %), while the number of street crime cases solved increased by 11 %. These results are enviable in comparison to those obtained by police departments in neighbouring countries.

-          Incidents of drunk driving and driving under the influence of alcohol increased (134 cases in 2023, up from 101 in 2022), as did those related to public and overt drunkenness (347 in 2023, up from 283 in 2022). This issue will be a top priority for the Police Department in 2024. 

-          Incidents of theft by trickery fell by 100 % and incidents of car theft by 75 %. However, 11 two-wheeled vehicles were stolen in 2023 — two more than in 2022.

-          Telephone and email fraud: - 33 %

-          Drug possession: + 49 %

-          Number of emergency service responses / Calls to 17 / Alarms: 9,444 emergency service responses (21 % more than in 2022).

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