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31 May 2021 Press release

Zero Single-Use Plastic Waste Policy : New Regulatory Measures

Calendrier de la mise en place des nouvelles mesures règlementaires en matière de réduction des déchets

The Principality, under the impetus of His Serene Highness the Sovereign Prince, is committed to reducing its waste and is aiming for "zero single-use plastic waste by 2030."

This policy was implemented in 2016 with a ban on single-use plastic bags, extended in 2019 with the elimination of plastic straws and stirrers, and again in 2020 with the discontinuation of single-use plastic cups, cutlery and plates.

The release of balloons and lanterns was also banned in March 2020. These are intended for leisure and celebration purposes; they are responsible for a large amount of marine litter and are a danger to marine wildlife.

New measures and bans, the details of which are set out in two regulatory texts published on 7 May 2021 in Monaco's Official Journal, have been introduced to further strengthen these provisions.

Some of them take effect from 1 June; others will be phased in over time. They target plastic products that generate waste that is particularly prevalent in the natural world, especially at sea. These products can easily be replaced by more eco-friendly options.

In addition, these texts are aimed at influencing behaviour. To achieve "zero plastic waste by 2030," it is essential to count on everyone's involvement and on the support of an increasingly strong network of individuals as well as traders and restaurants that are united in a shared commitment.

Please see the attached document for the schedule of regulatory measures.

You can find all the regulations at: https://journaldemonaco.gouv.mc/Journaux/2021/Journal-8537

Further Information: environnement@gouv.mc  

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