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05 January 2023 Press release

ZERO WASTE: new regulations enter into force

The new measures adopted by the Prince’s Government to achieve the goal of “zero single-use plastic waste by 2030” entered into force on 1 January 2023.

These measures have strengthened the arsenal of regulations that the Prince’s Government has been gradually building as part of the Waste Prevention and Management Plan for Monaco 2030. The regulations apply to the plastic products that are most responsible for waste found in the environment, including at sea, and that can be easily replaced with more eco-friendly options.

Reminder of the regulations
The following are now banned in the Principality:

- single-use plastic tableware: straws, stirrers, cups, cutlery, plates, steak markers, expanded polystyrene containers for takeaway food, lids and tops for cups, and ice-cream tubs;

- the following items, if made from single-use plastic: carrier bags, cotton buds, confetti, balloon sticks, plastic toys given away free with children’s meals, tea and herbal tea bags made from non-biodegradable plastic and plastic packaging on certain non-processed fruits and vegetables;

- products made from oxo-degradable plastic;

- releases of balloons or Chinese lanterns;

- use of disposable tableware when meals are eaten in a restaurant or café;

- meal deals offering a reduced-price drink packaged in a single-use container (cans, plastic or glass bottles, etc.);

- supply of free disposable cutlery for takeaway food (disposable cutlery must now be paid for and is supplied only on request);

- automatic printing of sales and bank card receipts (however, customers will still be able to request a printed receipt regardless of the total cost of their purchases).

In addition, the following measures must be observed:

- employers must make reusable tableware available in workplaces;

- all consumers have the right to be served using their own reusable containers.

Staff from the Department of the Environment will undertake regular inspection visits to ensure that these measures are being implemented by the businesses to which they apply.

Please remember that traders and restaurant owners affected by these regulations can access support with the environmental transition by signing up to the Responsible Trader or Responsible Restaurant certifications (for more information on these certifications, see: https://fr.calameo.com/read/005833016967515612c96 )

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