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25 October 2018 Press release

"Mediterranean Sustainable Buildings of Monaco" The Principality is Committed to Sustainable Construction

Presentation of the BDM Approach

© Michael Alesi/Government Communication Department

Under the impetus of H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince, Monaco made a commitment to reach stringent targets for reducing its greenhouse gas emissions To support this ambitious approach, the environmental and energy performance of buildings is a priority, as they represent more than 30% of the Principality's emissions.

In this context, on Tuesday 23 October, the Mission for Energy Transition arranged a meeting at Monaco's Vocational and Catering School (Lycée Technique et Hôtelier de Monaco) on these matters for all the various building trades and the urban development sector.  These issues are a priority for the Prince's Government.

The aim was to present the Mediterranean Sustainable Buildings (Bâtiments Durables Méditerranéens) (BDM) approach, which was first established in the PACA region in 2009 (for full details, see the technical fact sheet).  This approach is voluntary and innovative.  The objective is to promote good construction practices (reduce the impact of materials and water and energy consumption;  bio-climatism, etc.) to maintain comfort and health, while taking environmental, social and economic issues into account.

By late 2019, this approach will be adapted to suit the Monegasque context and specificities and will become the BD2M - "Mediterranean Sustainable Buildings of Monaco" ("Bâtiments Durables Méditerranéens de Monaco.")

This first meeting set out the main aspects of the initiative.  Six days of work, spread over several months, will follow and will lead to the creation of the framework of reference for the BD2M.

There were more than 160 participants at the event, which was an opportunity for fruitful, constructive discussion.

This topic can be found on our social networks and on Monaco Info.  It will also be the subject of the forthcoming environmental magazine, "La Ligne Verte."

Contact:  Mission for Energy Transition - transition-energetique@gouv.mc

Contact : Mission pour la Transition Energétique - transition-energetique@gouv.mc

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