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13 May 2016 Press release

Presentation of the "Ilôt Pasteur" Development

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The Pasteur project is part of the global urban development programme for land made available by placing the former railway, situated at the west of the Sainte Dévote valley, underground. 

Following the construction by the State of the Ilot Rainier III and Ilot Canton, with the Jardins d’Apolline and Hélios (consisting of 184 dwellings), the Government is continuing this urbanisation by developing the Ilot Pasteur - a plot of land of approximately 250 metres long and 35 metres wide. 

This project makes it possible to group various different activities together (a secondary school, multimedia library, multipurpose hall and a transfer centre for recyclable dry waste, thereby improving their functionality and reducing nuisances, particularly those related to traffic. 

One of the main environmental challenges of this project was to ensure that it was well integrated into the urban landscape.  This linear and relatively dense development had to be integrated into the area so as to make a smooth transition between the cliff of the Exotic Garden and the Rock of Monaco-Ville, creating a connection between the Ilot Canton and the future Ilot Charles III. 

The Pasteur project is built on a basement with five levels, the façade of which faces the Avenue de Fontvieille.  The upper part continues on from the Promenade Honoré II. 

Two buildings stand on this basement: 

  • An eight-storey building, which will house the new secondary school
  • a seven-storey building, which will mainly be used for offices, and will also house the multimedia library 

This project, with a surface area of almost 47,000 m², will house: 

  • the new secondary school, with a capacity of 1,500 pupils, and its annexes:
    • an indoor swimming pool with eight lanes
    • a gymnasium
    • a 300-seat amphitheatre
  • the new municipal multimedia library, spread over three floors
  • a postal sorting office, accessible from the Avenue de Fontvieille
  • a multipurpose municipal hall with 1,200 seats, to replace the "Espace Léo Ferré"
  • a data centre
  • a waste transfer centre for dry recyclable waste
  • a car park with more than 900 parking spaces, accessible from the Avenue de Fontvieille
  • the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport
  • an office building of approximately 8,700 m² 

The creation of the Pasteur development will make it possible to make space available from the Espace Léo Ferré, which will ultimately lead to the extension of the Fontvieille Commercial Centre. 

Transferring the Annonciade secondary school to the Pasteur development will offer an opportunity to redevelop this sector in the east of the Principality.


Preparatory work (rerouting of services networks, demolition and earthworks) began in 2016 and will be completed in late 2017.

The provisional date for delivering this project is set for late 2020. 


Owners:  The State, represented by the Public Works Office.

Project Management:  the Christian Curau – François Lallemand group of architects.  


You can watch a presentation video on the Ilot Pasteur by clicking on the following link:



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