Gouvernement Princier de Monaco
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Helping everyone achieve success in their professional life in Monaco

Monaco's dynamic economic infrastructure and favourable conditions for businesses have for a long time allowed it to be a country with almost full employment.  Moreover, Monaco is highly appealing to professionals in key sectors and activities from all over the world.

The matter of employment is therefore addressed by the Prince’s Government not just to resolve issues of unemployment, but also to make the most of the economy's attractiveness and allow everyone to progress in his or her working life.

The period when someone is looking for work is organised to optimise the interaction between two missions, two employers or even two trades.  This period is an opportunity to organise training sessions or map out a career path.  Businesses are contacted so as to identify people who best match the posts to be filled.

Career support

The Prince’s Government is committed to making everyone's career path as smooth as possible.  There are specific measures to help young people with qualifications enter the world of work. Throughout working life, there is support for progression and retraining.  Finally, special attention is given to adults in difficulty, whether from a disability or a period of unemployment.

Concern for social dialogue with appropriate Labour Law

The spirit of consensus that exists in the Principality naturally extends to social relations in Monegasque businesses.

In Monaco, labour law is the subject to a specific regulatory framework.  While respecting this specificity, the regulatory framework will be adapted in line with developments in international standards governing work, safety, hygiene and conflict resolution.

The Government regularly conducts awareness-raising campaigns for employers and employees and can be called upon to play the role of moderator or conciliator to improve social dialogue. Click here to find out more

An envied social protection and pensions system

The Prince’s Government places great importance on the quality of social protection the level of retirement pensions paid under the contribution system.  In Monaco, the level of services offered is advantageous for the beneficiaries.

However, economic activity impacts on the resources of the Monaco Social Funds, and the social partners, supported by the Prince’s Government, are very vigilant with respect to maintaining a balance while protecting the future as far as possible. Click here to find out more

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