Gouvernement Princier de Monaco
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A Modern State

A Country, a State, an Administration, a Community: Modernity to serve excellence and act as an example to all

Monaco is a “modern” country, with its finger on the pulse – exemplary at more than one level.

The Prince's Government wishes to apply this exemplary character to its own Administration, the behaviour of the State and relationships with its users.

H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince has given the Government a very explicit roadmap on modernisation and the Administration, and how to interact with users.

Being modern does not mean being without roots, or turning one's back on experience. A modern State is an exemplary State. A modern Administration is a community of human resources striving for excellence, providing quality of service and nurturing high-quality relationships with all those with whom it is in contact.

The Prince's Government has put in place an ambitious and practical plan to modernise the State

This modernisation, affecting all of the human community involved in serving the public, concerns the management of the civil service. Click here to find out more

Keeping up in modernity has led to the setting up of new e-Government processes and facilitating contact, applications and procedures. It has also involved completely re-examining relationships with users. Click here to find out more

The whole State has been mobilised to work towards eco-responsibility, to be exemplary and to demonstrate that effectiveness is not incompatible with efficiency. Click here to find out more

A modern and responsible State must manage every euro in an exemplary way. In the midst of an international crisis, Monaco is a shining example. Healthy finances, no sovereign debt.

The Constitutional Reserve Fund is managed wisely to ensure the financial independence of the country, whilst still investing in its future. By managing its public finances in a modern way, the Prince's Government will have the resources to maintain the economic, social and sustainable model that defines Monaco. Click here to find out more

This website is an illustration of modernity. Browsing the many aspects of government action gives a measure of the exemplary nature of Monaco, a model country. Beyond its borders, a few clichés still abound. False ideas which are painful for the Monegasque community that is aptly proud of its country. These clichés sometimes mask reality, casting a shadow over the natural attractiveness of the Principality.

Each member of the community is the ambassador of an accurate and renewed image. The Prince's Government has decided to give to Principality additional visibility, by launching a communication campaign that has attracted the attention of the public all over the world. Click here to find out more