Gouvernement Princier de Monaco
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Monaco - Port of Hercules

Like other craggy places along the coast of the Mediterranean Basin, the future port of Monaco was dedicated, in Antiquity, to the hero Hercules, for whom nothing was impossible.

Coins dating back to the first quarter of the IV century from Marseille, Syracuse, Peloponnesos and Cyprus prove that Monaco was integrated into trade in the Mediterranean sea. These relics, along with many others, cause us to estimate that the highest level of activity in the ancient port was around 300 B.C.

A view of the Port Hercules from the Palace

Under the Roman Republic, the port became a stopover point for the Roman army, and Julius Caesar himself stopped here in 50 B.C. Archeological discoveries (amphorae, pottery, anchor stocks) prove that a lot of trade took place in Monaco between the III and I century B.C.

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