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Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar (100-44 B.C.) arrived in Monegasque territory when he left Transalpine Gaul for Cisalpine Gaul, where he stayed until the end of 50 B.C., when he crossed the Rubicon. Virgil himself mentioned the presence of the Emperor “descending from the rampart of the Alps and from the fortress of Monoecus”. In the first century A.D., Lucan comments on the departure of the Emperor who “left the place where a port, which is dedicated to the divine Hercules, overhangs the sea and its rocks (neither the corus nor the zephyr are any threat to this port, only the circius wreaks any havoc to its shores and protects ships anchored safely in Monoecus).”

The corus, the zephyr and the circius are winds which sweep across Monaco.

Sous titre :
Roman emperor

Date de référence :
100 - 44 B.C.