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22 February 2024 Press release

Establishment of a maternity leave scheme for self-employed professionals

©Direction de la Communication / Manuel Vitali

The Prince’s Government is pleased to announce that the National Council has passed a law on 22 February 2024 establishing a maternity leave scheme for self-employed professionals affiliated with CAMTI, the national health insurance fund for the self-employed.

The elected members present voted unanimously, without amendment and only three months after the bill was tabled by the Government, to grant self-employed professionals a right long enjoyed already by private-sector employees, civil servants and public sector employees.

This new scheme is the result of a joint effort by self-employed professionals on the CAMTI supervisory committee, representatives of the Government and Monaco Social Security Funds to further improve the benefits offered to all employees and contribute to the emergence of a more equal society that upholds the rights of all.

The Minister of Health and Social Affairs Christophe Robino welcomed the reform, highlighting that it “would further strengthen the Principality’s social protection system.” He added that “this scheme also enhances the socio-economic appeal of a sector that is key to the country’s economy and competitiveness.”

To date, the law is the latest milestone in the modern and ambitious social and economic policies pursued by the Government. It follows other recent measures, including the establishment of a family allowance scheme with the CAMTI, another to donate leave between colleagues, and the extension of maternity – and later paternity – leave for employees in the private sector.

The Government is mobilised in this global project and hopes to submit a new bill, under the impetus of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, to create a parental leave scheme for private sector employees.

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