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07 January 2022 Press release

COVID-19: changes to health measures introduced and use of health pass extended

In light of the very rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus, H.S.H. Prince Albert II has decided to extend the requirement to show a health pass to all those whose work is vital to the continuity of operations of certain companies or public bodies that provide essential services to the population. He has also decided to make changes to some health measures, including the rules on isolation periods. These decisions have been made on the basis of recommendations from the Prince’s Government developed in consultation with the National Council.

Use of health pass extended

From 17 January, those whose work is vital to the continuity of operations of certain companies or public bodies that provide essential services in the Principality will need to show a health pass. This requirement will cover several government departments, telecommunication operators, energy and water suppliers and the banking sector, to give just a few examples.

The Prince’s Government has engaged in active consultation with all stakeholders to present this approach and the support measures which it intends to offer them (training to conduct on-site testing and supply of tests). The Government was keen to discuss the specific arrangements for implementing this approach with stakeholders. The aim is to ensure that the resurgence of the epidemic does not disrupt the services that are essential to enabling the Principality of Monaco to function properly.

Changes to the rules on isolation periods

While retaining a high level of protection for people through the individual care offered by the Home Patient Follow-Up Centre, isolation periods are being reduced subject to strong compliance with barrier measures. The isolation period is now seven days rather than ten. The isolation rules for different scenarios are as follows:

1. Positive case:

  • 7-day isolation period + strengthened barrier measures for 5 days following end of isolation

2. Vaccinated contacts or unvaccinated but low-risk contacts:

  • No isolation
  • PCR or antigen test 2–3 days after contact
  • Self-tests recommended on days 4 and 6
  • Strengthened barrier measures for 12 days after contact 

3. Unvaccinated contacts considered high risk or living in the same household as the positive case:

  • 5–7 days isolation period
  • PCR or antigen test 5–7 days after contact
  • Strengthened barrier measures for 12 days after contact

Changes to health measures in restaurants

These measures enter into force from tomorrow, Saturday 8 January. The number of guests per table will be reduced from 12 to 8 people, and the space between tables will be increased from 1 metre to 1.5 metres.

Public capacity

Also from tomorrow, 8 January, the number of people who can attend any event will be limited to 2,000. The Government may grant exemptions based on any specific health protocols that may be put in place by the head of the organisation hosting the event.

The Prince’s Government reserves the right to makes changes to these measures as the health situation develops.

The Prince’s Government would like to reiterate that vaccination is free and available to all residents aged 12 years and over (or 5 years and over in the case of the most vulnerable). Vaccination is vital to curbing the spread of the virus. It considerably reduces the risks of infection and cuts the risk of developing serious forms of the disease. Those wishing to be vaccinated can make an appointment by telephoning +377 92 05 55 00 or visiting the webpage https://vaccination-covid19.gouv.mc .







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