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18 February 2021 Press release

Covid19 – Prince’s Government launches appeal for caution and responsibility as holidays approach

Friday 19 February marks the beginning of a two-week school holiday, an opportunity for many Monegasque nationals and residents of the Principality to take a few days off. In recent months, every holiday period has been followed by a surge in infections. Holidays are a time when people mix and enjoy spending time with their friends and family, and this can contribute to transmission. This was the case after the summer, after All Saints’ Day and particularly following the Christmas and New Year holidays.

The Prince’s Government is therefore appealing to everyone to act responsibly and with caution.

Those planning to travel should remember that it is important to continue to follow the proper health protective measures at your holiday destination, especially if you are visiting a region with high rates of transmission.

The health authorities also stress that it is vital for everyone to remain particularly vigilant in private settings, where more than half of infections occur during gatherings between friends and family. It is therefore necessary to act with utmost caution and to limit such gatherings as far as possible. It is absolutely vital to comply with health protective measures: more frequent hand washing, ventilating the room that you are in and avoiding sharing cutlery and glasses. Everyone must take precautions to protect themselves and others.

It is only by behaving sensibly that we will be able to avoid increased transmission of the virus in the Principality of Monaco.

Developments in the health situation will be reviewed a few days after the end of the holiday period. Our behaviour during the holidays is critical and will be decisive in determining any possibility of relaxing some of the current health measures.

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