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05 July 2017 Press release

Baccalaureate 2017

The results of the first group for the 2017 baccalaureate examinations confirm the quality of education offered to pupils in the Principality, with an overall pass rate of more than 94% and 311 out of 420 students achieving honours, including 75 highest honours, 81 high honours and 155 honours.

In the general baccalaureates, pupils at Lycée Albert I and Lycée François d’Assise – Nicolas Barré recorded excellent results, with a pass rate of 94.92% and 197 out of 255 candidates achieving honours (70 highest honours, 55 high honours and 72 honours).

Very good performance was also seen in the technological baccalaureates, with an overall pass rate of 90.28%:

•          At Lycée Albert I, pupils achieved a pass rate of 100% in the Science and Industry, Sustainable Development (STI2D) option and 97.50% in the Sciences and Management Technologies (STMG) option.

•          Students taking the national technological baccalaureate (BTN) at Monaco’s Vocational and Catering School achieved a pass rate of 66.67% before the second round of examinations.

Regarding the professional baccalaureates in the hotel, industry and service sectors, students at Monaco’s Vocational and Catering School did extremely well, achieving an overall pass rate of 92.55%, including 60 awards of honours. The pass rate in the Cookery, Commerce, and Catering Services and Marketing options was 100%.

In the higher education sector, students taking their vocational further education diploma (BTS) in Hotel Management at Monaco’s Vocational and Catering School achieved solid results with a 91.67% pass rate for option A.

At Lycée Albert I, pupils scored a 94.4% pass rate for the Accountancy and Office Management BTS, and a 100% pass rate in the Assistant Manager BTS, with three students ranking among the top four results in the Nice Education Authority area.

The high standard of the results achieved in 2017 once again illustrates the quality of education provided by the Principality’s Department of Education, Youth and Sport, and the commitment of the department’s staff and of the entire teaching community in implementing the Prince’s Government’s education policy.

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