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09 April 2019 News flash

Waste Sorting - A Reality for Monaco

©Direction de la Communication / Manuel Vitali

On a Press visit to the Paprec Trivalo Côte d'Azur Waste Sorting Centre in Cannes-la-Bocca, participants were able to appreciate the importance of waste sorting in the Principality and see how it is put into practice.  On average, a total of almost 350 tonnes of household packaging from Monaco is sent annually to this plant for sorting.  This figure should soon reach 800 tonnes, thanks to the simplified sorting system that was introduced in March, with the discontinuation of blue bins and the possibility of putting all recyclable household packaging in the yellow bins.   

With a capacity of 36,000 tonnes, Paprec was able to treat 38,000 tonnes of household waste from the department last year.  This processing line is equipped with the latest technologies and is comprised of nine new-generation optical sorters, three ballistic separators, a trommel screen, two Eddy Current Separators and a manual sorting chain.  It meets the specificities of selective collection, facilitates waste reduction and can be adapted to cover the extended waste sorting instructions on household packaging.

The Prince's Government is therefore doing all it can to make waste sorting simpler for users and to enable household waste to be better utilised, because once the waste has been sorted, packaged and stored, it is sent to processing plants (such as paper mills, steel mills, plastics processing plants, etc.) for recycling.

For more information on waste sorting in the Principality, see www.sma.mc or call toll free on 8000 20 40

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