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25 September 2018 Press release

The Cliiink Programme is Now Fully Operational

The 37 green public waste collection points for glass recycling are all now equipped with the smart-city "Cliiink" system, the first rewards programme for returning glass packaging for recycling.

As a reminder, for each item of waste deposited, points are accumulated, which can be transformed into donations to charities or redeemed for special offers from more than 50 retailers in the Principality.

To register on the Cliiink site, there are two options:

  • download the application via the app stores (Apple or Android),
  • or collect your card from one of the distribution points (the SMA, the DAU, Monaco Post Office agencies or partner traders) and register on the website www.cliiink.com

As a reminder, glass causes GHG emissions to be produced during its manufacturing process and takes several thousand years to disintegrate completely in the natural environment.  However, it is 100% recyclable, and can be recycled ad infinitum, without loss of matter.

More info:

SMA Freephone Number:  8000 20 40 (calls are free from a landline) and www.cliiink.com


application/pdf Fiche d'informations Cliiink (488.91 kB)

application/pdf Flyer Cliiink (1.57 MB)

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