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24 January 2022 Press release

Review of window renovation subsidy scheme

©Direction de la Communication – Michael Alesi

In August 2020, the Prince’s Government launched a subsidy to help pay for renovating the windows of apartments and common areas in buildings. The subsidy is aimed at owners who want to carry out work that will save energy and improve soundproofing in homes by installing double glazing.

Eighteen months later, it is clear that the scheme has been a great success. More than 110 applications have been processed by the Department of the Environment, and more than 420 single-glazed windows have been replaced, representing in excess of €190,000 paid out in subsidies through the National Green Fund. More than €180,000 of this amount was paid to applicants who opted to use Monegasque firms to carry out the work, helping to boost the local economy.

In addition, more than €50,000 in subsidies were awarded to the owners of 29 rent-controlled apartments.

Please note that this subsidy is still in place and will be available for any application submitted before 31 August 2025. If you wish to take advantage of the scheme, the Department of the Environment invites you to check the information page on the Prince’s Government website for individuals and companies who own property: https://en.service-public-particuliers.gouv.mc/Housing/Aid-and-loans/Aid/How-to-apply-for-a-window-renovation-subsidy

Here, you will find details of the principles and conditions for the subsidy, the application form and a simulator that will enable you to estimate the amount of subsidy likely to be paid (provided that the application is approved).

Remember that all owners who wish to install photovoltaic panels or solar thermal panels, or to insulate the roofs of buildings located in Monaco can also access subsidies, which are cumulative.

For more information, please refer to the pages below:

-          https://journaldemonaco.gouv.mc/Journaux/2012/Journal-8060/Subvention-accordee-aux-proprietaires-pour-l-installation-d-un-systeme-thermique-solaire-Determination-des-montants-et-des-modalites-d-attribution-de-la-subvention-et-de-son-paiement

-          https://en.service-public-particuliers.gouv.mc/Housing/Aid-and-loans/Aid/How-to-apply-for-a-roof-insulation-subsidy

-          https://en.service-public-particuliers.gouv.mc/Housing/Aid-and-loans/Aid/How-to-request-an-incentive-payment-for-photovoltaic-type-electricity-producing-devices

Contact: Department of the Environment: environnement@gouv.mc

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