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14 December 2017 Press release

Pelagos Agreement funds three international projects to protect marine mammals

Following a call for projects launched this year, and as part of the 7th Meeting of the Parties to the Pelagos Agreement, held on Tuesday 12 December in the Rainier III Auditorium, France, Italy and the Principality of Monaco have selected three scientific projects aimed at improving our understanding of marine mammals and putting in place adequate and effective measures to protect them. The projects are:

-           Pelagos Plastic Free: integrated measures to reduce plastic debris in the Sanctuary area

-          Biological and toxicological contamination of cetaceans in the Pelagos Sanctuary: assessment, origins, monitoring and measures to reduce impact

-          Proposal to develop and evaluate strategies to reduce ship strike risks with fin whales and sperm whales in the Pelagos Sanctuary

These projects will be launched in early 2018 with funding of €250,000. They will be carried out by teams from the three countries.

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