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15 October 2020 News flash

Cleaning the Peregrine Falcon Nesting Sites

© Vincent Gaglio – Department of the Environment

A pair of peregrine falcons have taken up residence on the Mediterranean coast, on the cliffs of the Rock.  This species, which the Principality regards as part of its heritage, is attracted to the favourable ecological conditions of this special site, which has retained its natural character.

On Friday 16 October, as part of its task of monitoring the local avifauna, the Department of the Environment will be cleaning the falcon nesting sites.  This operation consists of collecting all the contents - bones, feathers, etc.  The aim is to compare the results obtained during the previous cleaning, which was undertaken 10 years ago.

The results from 2010 have made it possible to ascertain the diet of this pair of peregrine falcons, which consists mainly of local birds (such as blackbirds, gulls, etc.), migratory birds (common swifts, turtle doves, etc.), overwintering birds (starlings, thrushes, etc.), and Columbids (including pigeons, the Eurasian collared dove, etc).

This second operation will enable changes in the quantity and number of species hunted by the falcons to be evaluated.  The results will also help to contribute to national inventories of avifauna.

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